Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults

Kate Powell, LCSW, MPH

I am an Ivy Leagued educated and highly-trained therapist (Columbia University, MPH), providing therapy for adults and adolescents who experience depression, general anxiety, social and performance anxiety, marital/couple difficulties, trauma, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, attention deficit disorder, addiction (including opiates), binge-eating behaviors, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A breast cancer survivor and a parent of children with attention deficit disorder, I am keenly aware of how physical illness can profoundly affect mental well-being. I can provide positive and knowledgeable support for adults navigating these issues.

It has been my professional experience that support groups are a valuable supplement to individual therapy. I currently provide a wellness support group for a diverse group of women with wide-ranging support needs.

Tyler Nolan, BSW, MSW Intern

My training allows me to engage my clients in identifying challenges, creating effective solutions to support change, and setting and meeting goals.

I am a trained psychotherapist intern, providing person-centered solution-focused therapy.

As a Crisis Intervention team member, I have provided acute psychiatric and behavioral intervention for patients in the Emergency Department and Inpatient Unit at Danbury Hospital.

There, I provided a variety of services designed to reduce acute psychiatric symptoms. I administered comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, individualized treatment planning, medication management, and group therapy.

Previous Professional Experience

  • Director of Mental Health Services, Rushford (Hartford Healthcare), CT
  • Director of Psychiatric Services, Griffin Hospital, Derby, CT
  • Director of Clinical Services, State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health/Addiction Services, Bridgeport/Stamford, CT
  • Program Manager, Child Psychiatry and Substance Abuse Program, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY
  • Master of Social Work Intern at Danbury Hospital, CT, provided crisis intervention counseling for acute psychiatric and behavioral intervention for patients in the Emergency Department.